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Is this cabin available: cabins book very quickly in the winter, please check availability ONLINE.

What are the rates: Every cabin has a different rate, please click RESERVATION button to check the rates.

Any additional fees: Yes, $79 cleaning fee (mandatory). Taxes are 11.9%.

Any discount: Discounts are available for guests staying 4 or more nights on weekdays and non-US public holidays. Please call 1-855-SNOW-TAO and press 2 for the weekday promotional code. Please specify how many nights, which cabin, and the exact date you would like to book in your email. Enter the promotional code during the online reservation process, then please follow the instructions. Once you select the cabin and the date, click the “book now!” button, then you will see a page called “Booking Confirmation". Enter the promotional code at the top of this page.

Bring own linens: You may bring your own linens. We will provide towels, pillow covers, bed covers, fitted and flat sheets, comforters and pillows for free.

How to reserve: Please click here to check availability first, and then follow the instructions to make a reservation. The reservation system is integrated with PayPal, but you don't need a PayPal account to make a payment. Once you are on the PayPal page, click the “Don't have a PayPal Account" button to proceed with a reservation without a PayPal account, Tao cabin reservation payment is collected by Tao Investment Group LLC.

How to pay: You have to make a full payment during the reservation. All major credit cards are accepted, however we don't accept checks or cash at this time. You will receive a confirmation email instantly once your payment is processed.

How to get a key: Every cabin has a combination lock, please call or email the Reservation Manager to get an access code. When you are at the door, please enter the combination code to open the door from outside. Turn the knob on the lock 90 degrees to open the door from inside; push the lock button to lock the door from outside. Turn the knob on the lock 90 degrees to lock the door from inside.

What is in kitchen: Kitchens have an oven, stove, toaster, refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, pots, pans, plates and silverware, a set of knives and a chopping board.

Have Jacuzzi: Cabin #2 has a small indoor spa.

Have cable TV: None of our cabins have cable TV, but we do have a TV and a DVD player in all cabins.

Have Wi-Fi: All Tao cabins have freeWi-Fi.

Have cell phone reception: Yes, every cabin has cell phone reception inside.

How many parking space: Cabin #1 and Cabin #7 have 3 parking spaces, all other cabins only have 2 parking spaces.

Check in and out time: 11 am is the check out time. 3 pm is the check in time.

Early check in: May be available during the non-ski season; contact the Reservation Manager to make an arrangement.

Late check out: May be available during the non-ski season; contact the Reservation Manager to make an arrangement.

How to check in and out: Check in time is 3 pm. Check out time is 11 am; please call the Reservation Manager 30 minutes prior to your departure and the manager will come to review the cabin. Excessive trash, furniture and property damage will be charged against your credit card on file. Please see the Tao Cabin Damage Charges Agreement at the bottom of this page.

Do I need a PayPal account: No, you don't need a PayPal account to make a payment. Once you are on the PayPal page, click the “continue" button to process your reservation with a major credit card.

Allow pets: Cabin #1, #2, #4 and #5 allow dogs only.

Cabin address: Every cabin has its own address; all cabins are located in the Running Springs area. Please click here to check Google Maps.

Non-smoking policy: We don't allow smoking inside any of our cabins. A smoke removal fee of $300 will be charged against guest's credit card on file, if evidence of smoke is discovered by the Housekeeper. Please review the Tao Cabin Damage Charges Agreement . Thank you for your support!

What do we need to bring: Elevation at Tao Cabin is 7000 feet. Please bring plenty of warm clothes for all seasons, a waterproof jacket, a flashlight, snow chains (in winter only) and plenty of water with you in the car. You may bring your laptop, there is an internet cafe in Running Springs called “Bus Stop", it opens in day time, and is closed Mondays. You may also bring your DVDs and CDs. Cell phone navigation system users, please note: there is no cell phone reception on part of the 330 road, but once you arrive in Running Springs, you will get full reception.

When is the snow coming: Please click the weather link to check the local weather, if you would like to catch a snow storm, you might need to prepare few days in advance. It is not wise to get on the road when it is snowing, there will be high traffic volume and bad road conditions. It is estimated that a half million people go to the Big Bear Lake ski resort every weekend during the ski season. It will take 5-8 hours to get to the ski resort between 9 am - 3 pm Saturday and Sunday. A smart plan is to get there one day before the snow storm, or get to the mountain late Friday night.

Hospital nearby: Yes, there is a hospital in Lake Arrowhead (only 6 miles away from Tao Cabin).

Restaurant nearby: Yes, there is a restaurant in walk distance of each cabin; Running Springs (half mile from cabins) also has a few restaurants.

Grocery store nearby: Yes, there is one in Running Springs.

Bar nearby: Yes, there are a few in Running Springs. Lake Arrowhead has plenty of high end bars and clubs.

Full description of cabins: Please read description on each cabin's web page.

Change a date: Change request must be received 20 days before the scheduled date of arrival. Your reservation can be changed to only weekday or non-public holidays, and it only can be changed to the same cabin if available. There is a $50 fee to change reservations.

Cancellation policy: Cancellation requests must be received 20 days before the scheduled date of arrival in order to receive a refund. There is a 20% fee on all cancellations. Reservation refunds will be made within 30 days of cancellation.

Rental agreement: During the reservation process, you must click the box stating “I confirm that I agree to the Terms and Conditions of booking“. Click here to review Terms and Conditions.

Additional fee for more people: We don't charge an additional fee for more people.

Reviews from other guests: Please click here to see the Guest Reviews.

Shampoo and soap: We don't provide shampoo and soap.

Lotion and toothpaste: We don't provide lotion and toothpaste.

Need snow chains for the car: Yes, it is required during the winter. Always check the weather and road conditions for the next day, if a storm is coming, get your snow chains installed before you go to bed. Please do not park your car on the side of any road near cabin; the snow removal truck will dump snow on your car in the middle of night. The next day, it will take you 4 hours to get your car out from a mountain of snow if you are lucky enough to find the car.

Ski rental: There are plenty of ski rental places near the cabins. Save time by renting your equipment before you get to the ski resort; it could take 2 hours just getting the rental in the weekend at the ski resorts.

Has BBQ: For the safety of our guests, none of our cabins have BBQ grills.

Damage charges: In the event of guests damaging the following items, Tao Cabin will charge against guest’s credit card accordingly: Windows $ 300 each, fireplace $300, Stove $500, sofa $100, TV $50, refrigerator $300, microwave $100, dinning table $100, desk chair $50 each, mattress $100 each, carpet deep clean $80, smoke removal $300.

Confirmation emails: Our reservation system is powered by RezEasy Hotel booking engine and PayPal online payment. You will receive 2 confirmation emails instantly.

Pay by multiple credit cards in three easy steps:

1) Enter arrival date and cabin number.
2) Click the "pay now" button.
3) Enter the amount, click "update" link to see the amount, and proceed according to the instructions. After you complete the payment process, email guest name, duration of stay and cabin number to We will send you a reservation confirmation email..

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